Ok. The problem started last month, January of 2018, they made it so that anything that is not a “document” has to be marked as a “package” for international mail. 1 copy of Hamburger Eyes or 1 tshirt or 1 camera strap sent to another country is a minimum of $22.33. That pretty much doubles the regular shipping price or more depending on what you ordered. They must have gotten a lot of complaints because I just got an email saying that my mail service will now absorb some of those costs. Now 1 copy of Hamburger Eyes will cost $13.22 to ship to your country. Much better. Not sure how to adjust for straps and tshirts, but how about I will absorb those costs.

Also, I would like to put out the idea that if you live in another country and don’t want to pay shipping at all, maybe your local bookstore will. They get 50% wholesale discount. Let them know about us and have them order some copies. Thanks in advance.