In 2010 was when we started the CATALOG. We had other zines and books going on besides Hamburger Eyes but it was time to get organized. We had the studio and some copy machines, couldn’t afford to put out the new Hamburger Eyes, so we just started cranking out zines.

We released the first 6 all at once. It was “Spies Like Us”, which was supposed to be all portraits of photographers but ended up portraits of civilians too, so a portrait zine. “Waterfall Hunters”, adventures in Hawaii. “World Champs”, the after party in the streets when the SF Giants won the championship. All photos by me. And then the first 3 volumes of Cellybrain, which was the best of a cell phone photo submissions blog we had running (before Instagram).

I felt like posting these photos today because of “street photography”. I never liked the term. I shot and still shoot photos of everything. I guess I just don’t like labels or categories. I do like black and white. I can claim that. I can see how it swerved that way though. Living in San Francisco with a big photo gang pretty much and mostly shooting all nutty street adventures back then only attracted all the crazy street photos from other major cities. But if you really look at all the pages of Hamburger Eyes, you will see that there is also the beach, portraiture, documentary, travel, landscapes, lifestyles, etc.

“The Continuing Story of Life on Earth”. That is the subtitle we still put on the credits page of each issue of Hamburger Eyes. Only a few people know this, I stole that. I took it from a National Geographic subscription ad. We stole a lot of things. When we had ads, we did a lot of trade ads. So you might have seen an ad in another magazine that said something like “Hamburger Eyes, an Instant Classic.” That was jacked from Kodak. “Imported from the Future” was one of my favorite ones. That was from a Nikon F5 ad. But the National Geographic one stuck. It summed it up perfect and I think deep down, maybe still, I wanted us to be the black and white version of that magazine.

Anyways, enjoy these photos of Hawaii. My parents moved there in the 90s so I would go there a lot and my brother, sister, and I would go “hunting”. The folks eventually moved back to San Diego, so there goes the free food, car, and couch.

Pretty sure the first 13 issues of Hamburger Eyes had at least 1 photo of Hawaii in there. And these scans are from 2010, so that’s why they look like that.

Why don’t they play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs. (Waikiki Zoo)

Let know in the comments if you like these back stories and behind the scenes stuff.

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  1. tom souzer Avatar

    Great photos. Really enjoying these write ups!

  2. Owen Avatar

    Super stoked on these and the entire back to the website thing as a whole! I’d much rather get a full photographic meal less often than a little instagram snack every day.

  3. rzz Avatar

    awesome thanks!

  4. rzz Avatar

    thanks, glad u like!

  5. Reuben Radding Avatar

    Yes. Categories are limitation.

  6. rzz Avatar

    yes, so much stuff to take photos of

  7. girlinpinkskirt Avatar

    Love the perspective behind the photos

  8. mike Avatar

    Keep it coming. So happy to have discovered this and the publications.