I spent most of my childhood in Cardiff, most of my teens in Encinitas, and most of my 20’s in Leucadia. Skate all day and beach all night. Every now and then a donut.

I been getting emails about bring back the IG account but I’m over it. It is partly because it’s too mainstream etc, but mostly I just want to go back to keeping it simple. I like my photos in print. I like making books and zines. That’s it really. And blogging.

People who miss our social media photos can see them on this site plus 10 times more, or buy our zines. It’s so easy. I also got emails from people saying how they want to delete their accounts too but they can’t. I am not trying to tell anyone how to live their life. Being chill is a choice.

4 responses to “CHOICES”

  1. Yves Avatar

    cheers to this !!!!!

  2. Mr. Mike Avatar

    Ray, You want me to whip up a “Being Chill is a Choice” shirt design? Seems like a good idea.

  3. RZZ Avatar


  4. RZZ Avatar

    haha that would be funny