Photo by Elmo Tide

In continuing with previous chapters of Hamburger Eyes history, here are some highlights from the “Mankind” series. As as I wrote before, around 2010 and 2011 we started making a ton of zines. We couldn’t publish Hamburger Eyes the way we wanted to, so let’s just publish anything and start experimenting. In 2012 we got our glue machine, it is used to make what they call “perfect” binding. We wanted to do a zine over 100 pages and feature multiple photographers much like how we did when Hamburger Eyes was offset printed.

Photo by Brian David Stevens

When my brother moved to New York, I was half joking about how he should start a new black and white photo magazine and we cook up some story about a rivalry or falling out. Kind of like how one brother started Adidas shoe company and the other brother started Puma shoe company. But secretly we work together like Coke and Pepsi probably do.

Photo by Zebulon Zang

He had a photo of an NY subway station that had a mural with a wave and “mankind” written in the tiles and I thought that would be a good title. He was into it. But he started talking about it as the east coast Hamburger Eyes and wanting it to be all about New York and I was like nah, Hamburger Eyes is world wide. Be world wide and let’s fake fight about it. I don’t think he liked that part of the idea.

Photo by Peter McCoullough

That idea never happened. But I liked the title and decided to use it for this. Mankind was 120 pages and we did 3 issues. Probably about 100 copies each. After the 3rd issue is when people were like, why don’t you just call this Hamburger Eyes. Click here to read more about that.

Photo by David Potes

Anyways, these photos here are a quick edit of some highlights. I remember I didn’t like how glossy my machine was printing the covers, so I would stink up the whole studio for days by spray painting a matte finish on them. By the second issue though, as well as a bunch of other experiments with other zines and books, I was getting the covers printed somewhere else.

Photo by Clay Kessack

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Photo by Brian Caissie

Photo by Guy Vinciguerra

Photo by Ray Potes

Photo by Piotr Pietrus

Photo by Jonnek Jonneksson

Photo by Dan Thompson

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