NEW book by Blake ! Published by Muddguts, they are launching his book and it is the grand opening of their new space in Brooklyn this Friday. Be sure to go if you are in the area. I wanna go.

From the publisher:

“Bail Window” by Blake opens THIS FRIDAY, march 23 at muddguts!

Blake is an incredible young talent who, with “Bail Window”, will be sharing his photos with the world for the very first time. the show will also serve as a release party for Blake’s NEW BOOK “bail window” published by muddguts and designed by camilla venturini (edition of 200)

in addition, muddguts will be releasing a new t shirt to accompany the show (edition of 50)

all of the silver gelatin photographs in the show have been developed and printed by hand, by Blake in a darkroom he built in his closet. we hope you will come see them.

kind regards,

“Blake’s work speak of an openness to the vagaries of the human condition, the acquired intimacy of the best type of confidence man, and a devotion to wet film photography worthy of the best of the late 20th century invasion of privacy photographers. You can read joy, arrogance, desperation and obliviousness in his subjects. Black and White nerds can get lost in the silver prints this guy has made this show. It seems he’s always on the go and always getting into something, often something questionable. This is a generous and vulnerable gift these people have given Blake and Blake has given that to us all.”
~Thatcher Keats

“The ancient creators of photography smile upon young darkroom fanatics, especially clutch shot-makers like Blake. He is keeping the dream alive.”
~Ray Potes

“The photographs that Blake has created capture moments of city living at its best and its worst. Photographing the quiet moments, the forgotten souls, humanity’s capacity for self destruction, and all points in between. He is a natural behind the lens. The way of his pictures and the way of his way are the same: strong and good and genuine.”
~Dave Schubert