Photo by Michael Barolet

Meeting and trying to date girls was pretty rough pretty much the entire time I lived in San Francisco. So naturally I wanted to make a zine about it. I wanted to make a zine about all the joy and folly of being single. Some friends and I would come up with game show ideas and one of them was titled “Romance Warrior”. That seemed like a good title to steal for this zine. It ended up being a series of 3 issues.

These photos here are highlights from the second issue which was published in 2012. While it was supposed to be about “dating”, it started going the way of “nudes” and became increasingly difficult to find the narrative when editing the submissions. Which, by the way, all of a sudden got kind of out of control and the original concept got lost. Also not enough female perspective in the submissions to keep this series going. At one point I thought maybe I will just make it with my photos since it was my idea, but by that time the title already had a life of it’s own.

Anyways, it is fun to revisit these photos because I couldn’t post most of them on any social media. Let me know if you think we should bring this zine back. Now that Hamburger Eyes is all grown up, I feel like we can start playing with other projects again.

Photo by Lisa Weiss

Photo by Andrea Sonnenberg

Photo by Jesse Pollock

Photo by Ed Templeton

Photo by Alex Martinez

Photo by Michael Barolet

Photo by Ray Potes

Photo by Lisa Weiss

Photo by Dennis McGrath

Photo by Ruth Swanson

Photo by Ray Potes

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  1. Reuben Radding Avatar

    I love all of this work.

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