Photo by Olivier Bekaert

Ok so I had deleted the Hamburger Eyes insta account a couple months ago and then I realized I should maybe have an account for “business” so I re-started it. And now I got to fill it back up with photos. I am thinking I will go into the archives once a week and pick out a batch, post them here on the site first, (in case I delete it again) and then post them to insta. Yeah? Yeah.

Obviously you will see some photos you have seen before if you have been paying any kind of attention to us in the past few years. I am thinking that is a non issue. Yeah? Yeah.

Photo by Caleb Stein

I will try to stick to newer photos. I consider right now to be the beginning of “Chapter 3” of the Hamburger Eyes story. I will use Chapter 2 and 3 archives only from now on.

Photo by Joe Plonsker

On insta I never feel compelled to write a caption especially since they are mostly not my photos. But here on the site, it feels mandatory to write something. Which is totally fine, I like it actually.