Photo by Ray Potes

I am in camera buying mode. I have been watching youtubes and reading reviews for new cameras coming out and I thought it might be cool for me to try to write an article. Also people keep asking me what I’m gonna buy and I’m like, “Quit pressing me, breh.” So here is a guide/list maybe you or someone you know will benefit from it.

10 Rules For Buying Cameras

Rule No. 1 – Don’t let nobody tell you how to spend your money.

There are a butt ton of reviewers out there that say dumb shit like, “I have to ask my wife before I can purchase this particular camera.” Nah, breh. Unless it is her money or if you 2 are going 50/50 on it. Pay your rent and bills first of course. Then if you got extra and you want a camera, then go get it. Get it today.

Rule No. 2 – Buy whatever you want.

If you are into photography and some how you found this website, then we already know you got at least 5 to 10 or more cameras in your closet, on the shelf, in a bag, in a box, etc. Either you are a seasoned veteran or a young buck rookie, you have or eventually will have a gigantic collection of cameras. It is part of it. You need different tools for different projects. So just go get it.

Rule No. 3 – This camera will not make you take better pictures.

If you make crappy photos, a new camera will not make them better. A sharper, higher resolution, more contrasty, more colorful version of a crappy photo is still a crappy photo. Sorry not sorry. You should be studying and taking classes to learn photography. Like all things it takes time. I think that can be for another article.

Rule No. 4 – The camera is for YOU.

A lot of people want to justify their purchases with too many statements like, “It’s for work” or “for travel” or “for sports” etc. No one cares. Or if someone is asking, tell them it’s none of their business. It is all personal work. Only you know what you need and want and what you want and need it for. And if you don’t, then you don’t need another camera.

Rule No. 5 – Output is non factor nowadays.

Phone companies are making billboards with phone photos. How? There is software that can vectorize images and Photoshop is 100% better than it was just 5 years ago. You can argue full frame sensor for image quality, depth of field, low light etc. But making giant prints is non factor. I have made 30in x 40in prints from a phone photo and no one cared. I was going to say no one could tell but really no one cares. Gotta know Photoshop though.

Rule No. 6 – Expand your horizons. Consider another format.

If you shoot film, consider shooting digital. If you shoot digital, consider shooting film. If you shoot 35, consider shooting 120. If you shoot point and shoot, consider shooting rangefinder or slr. If you shoot slr, consider shooting mirrorless. Expand your horizons. I see a lot of people sticking to one format and these people are killing me with the hashtags on Instagram. It is getting too serious. If you love photography, then explore it and experiment more. Having fun vs hashtags. Formats over filters.

Rule No. 7 – Complete the set up.

Prepare to buy accessories too. I probs seen 20 people with a Leica body and no lenses. Would you set up a new skateboard with no wheels? I get it, glass is expensive, but why not consider the lense situation before going in. Maybe you don’t need a Leica, maybe you can get the Bessa and put Leica glass on it. Also, I think every new setup needs a new strap and new bag. That completes it for me.

Rule No. 8 – Make more money.

You don’t have money problems, you have income problems. Imagine if you had twice the income you have now. Then you could buy whatever cameras you want. What can you do to increase your income? What can you do in your off hours for some easy extra money? How can you level up your skill set?

Rule No. 9 – Buy whatever you want.

Yep, this a repeat of Rule No. 2 but going over these I think it is the best one so deserves 2 spots.

Rule No. 10 – No Rules.

Yep, this last one might sound lazy but if you need a guide to tell you how to buy something then maybe you’re lazy too. I say keep learning and keep experimenting and finding out what you like and don’t like and that should guide your next purchase decisions. What cameras and features I like, you probs won’t like and vice versa. But whatever happens stay shooting.