Photo by Vaclav Tvaruzka

We got a nice surge of traffic to the site yesterday. People seemed to like the article so def going to write more. An interesting thing happened though. While there was no comments on the actual article, we got maybe 10 dms on insta, 2 texts, and 2 emails! If you are reading these things and feeling them, leave a comment here on the site so we know who’s who and what’s what. Thanks!

Photo by Ryan Florig

If you made it this far, know that we are about to release some new issues and that we have to make room for them. So here is a discount code for 20% off it will expire in 3 days. Before checking out enter code : TRAFFIC1018

5 responses to “TRAFFIC”

  1. RZZ Avatar

    i am leaving a test commment

  2. RZZ Avatar

    it seems to be working?

  3. stoopkid Avatar

    aaaaand we’re live

  4. chris_leskovsek Avatar

    aha! comments are back! great! bring it on Ray! looking forward to the new issues!

  5. RZZ Avatar

    I think i had security levels too high and it made it too hard to comment. My bad.