Photo by Luis Mendoza

Photos + Forums = Phorumss, get it? Royce figured out how to post images via image url and then I added a toolbar that makes it easier. Basically, you can post photos in the forums again. You can’t upload photos to the forums, but you can link to and display photos that are already on the internet.

To re-cap the situation. We had it so you can upload photos to the forums, but I had to disable that feature for fear of a photo dumping grounds. The costs, the technical aptitude, the security, etc were slowly becoming stressful. So we deleted that feature and all the photos. But there is a work around and it is the old school internet way of doing things. That is upload your photos to your own site or whatever and then use that link to display it in our forums. Sounds hectic, but I like this better and it makes me feel like it’s 2003 again.

Have at it –