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What does productivity mean to you? I feel crazy busy these days but not productive at all. And when I am not productive is when I start feeling annoyed with myself. 

For me, making stuff is productive. Shooting photos is the input and showing them is the output. This feels like the machine of productivity that I am used to and want to be part of. 

Getting rid of massive amounts of stuff feels productive. Clearing space for new ideas feels productive. 

Running around town doing errands does not feel productive, but laundry does. Social media does not feel productive, but blogging does.

I don’t even know where I am going with this. I think prioritizing what is most important is what productivity is. In our case, photography. 

Warren Buffet said something along the lines of, “Write down 20 of the most important goals and things you need to do and accomplish. Spend a lot of time on it. Then take the top 3, and throw the rest away.”

5 responses to “Productivity”

  1. chris_leskovsek Avatar

    I need to get onto that list urgently…

  2. Michael Avatar

    Yup, I know those feelings about being productive. And the William Buffet approach seems a good one (I keep thinking you may have meant Warren Buffet, it sounds like something he would say). At any rate, one thing I have done is determine what I consider my biggest priority. For me, like you, it is photography. I add in writing too. I make pictures almost every day. I compose words almost every day. I make sure these are the things I do with what I would consider my freshest self. For me, that is the beginning of the day. From the time I get up, usually around 4 AM, until the early afternoon, it is all about photography and writing and posting. Then I move on to other things.

  3. Tom Souzer Avatar

    I don’t feel productive either. Weather, work, and life getting in the way. Definitely frustrating. The frustration Has led me to carrying my camera most places instead of just going out on the weekends hunting for photos. So that’s a plus!

  4. RZZ Avatar

    Oh whoops my bad, I did mean Warren Buffet!!

    Writing is a relatively new one for me, but I love it too. Even if I can get off a 100 words, even if I don’t publish it, it feels good and productive.

    I was mostly thinking about photo stuff, I haven’t been shooting as much as I want. And we haven’t released an issue of Hamburger Eyes in a while. Been feeling stuck in the mud lately. But I had a breakthrough today, about to write a post about it now lol.

    Thanks for your comments gang!

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