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I started trying to come up with more content ideas for this here website. But then I thought maybe I’d just ask what you would like to see. I like the feedback. For instance while we get the most comments on the written articles, some just want to watch more videos on famous photographers.

Here are the basic categories on the site. Vote on which ones you would like to see more of. After this voting, we can see where we can expand. You can select more than 1 choice.

Also, I put zines and books in the vote. That means you don’t care about website content at all, you just want us to put out more zines and books.

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4 responses to “CONTENT”

  1. fern Avatar

    I voted for three things so I figured I’d elaborate on why, and even give an order to my choices.

    First vote goes to written articles for sure. They’re the biggest reason I visit the site on a regular basis. I like how a website acts as an extension of a publication, giving things that the print zine doesn’t include, or news and information regarding it’s production. However, my favorite articles are the ones written about what it’s like to work in photography. They’re concise, relatable, inspirational, and just enjoyable to read.

    Next would be photographer features. It’s nice to “meet” the people whose work you’re seeing, and it’s also a win/win situation for Hamburger Eyes and the photographer. Through these features I’ve already discovered photographers I didn’t know about, and knowing a little about their process add another layer of appreciation to the photos published in the zine.

    Last but not least is just new photos all day. The more photos the better, and this also provides a nice opportunity to publish the photos that didn’t make it into the magazine.

    I didn’t select Zines + Books because I do care about website content (obviously), but I still want more Zines + Books! I’m looking forward to the January issue and whatever’s in store for the next year. Hope this input helps.

  2. RZZ Avatar

    Awesome, Fern! Thanks for your feedback. Glad you like reading the articles! I like writing them and definitely don’t want to stop. I just wanted to hear if you guys had any specific preferences or directions which we should take. Def going to do more photographer features and photos, especially since we are trying to publish monthly this year.

    Hopefully this poll will help plan out a weekly posting schedule so I know what I am supposed to be doing every day.

    Glad to hear the content is resonating with you! Much more to come.

  3. Royce Stevenson Avatar

    Getting some great data!