Photo by Chris Leskovsek

I was going to title this post “Quality Vs. Quantity” but I feel like we’ve talked about it already a bunch. My usual schpiel is that if you shoot a ton your photos will get better over time, but now I am realizing this is not really true. You have to be learning from the results, but learning is only intentional if you have a goal.

For instance, let’s say you want to shoot for the New York Times. You will have have to “develop” all sorts of skills. But if you are just shooting for Tumblr, there really is no pressure to quickly learn to make better photos, it’s totally casual.

Most of the work we get for Hamburger Eyes is from photographers attempting to cross the border from hobbyist to working professional. Or people that cross this border back and forth all the time like me. In fact I pretty much live at this bordertown and sometimes I think I should run for Mayor.

Within the emails I get, I see the main problem that people don’t think about properly is knowing why they want to cross at all in the first place. They don’t have clarity. I think you get clarity through action. You have to go out there and play with cameras, play with assignments, and play with different techniques. But really here is the real answer: you want to make a living doing what you love to do. That’s it.

At minimum, let’s say rent and bills is $2500 per month. Can you sell enough products and services to make this much or more on a monthly basis? This should be your primary goal if you want to make a living doing anything besides working a regular job.

2 responses to “Clarity”

  1. Andy Avatar

    I think there is something to be said for quantity in the formative years. When I first started out I thought I knew what my style/focus was… but it wasn’t until I really had my nose to the grindstone that my style started to emerge and I realized where my focus really was. It was radically different from where I started.

    I agree about clarity. Knowing what your own definition of success is critical. You have to manage your own expectations and know what you’re after to have any shot at getting it.

  2. RZZ Avatar

    Yep, thanks for your comment!