Photo by Samuel Liebert

Remember when dobermans were the badass dogs? In 80’s movies, the bad guy’s mansion always had 2 dobermans. When I was a kid I got chased on my bike for 5 blocks by a huge doberman. Sooner or later pitbulls took the crown for most badass dog. Remember in “No Country For Old Men” when Josh Brolin is getting chased by a pitbull? Soo sketchy. Great scene.

At what point does “bad” evolve into “badass”? At point does “badass” mean “good”? For example, why do we root for the menacing killer robot machine known as “The Terminator”?

I dont know, I’m not very psycho analytical. But I’ve been looking at photos all day and wonder why certain “bad” photos are actually “good” and why some of the “good” photos are actually not good at all.

There are more than a few things at play here. State of mind, editing for printed pages vs editing for anything else, peer pressure, etc. I could go on and on.

I think that we need the polarities of good vs bad to learn. (“Contrast” right?) The idea is you learn how to shoot a basketball by evolving from bad form to good form. Then good form is supposed to lead to more buckets.

But we know this is not always the case. You can have perfect fundamentals and still totally suck. Or you can have the worst posture but somehow swish every shot. So beyond learning is game perspective.

To bring it back around, I think once you’re passed good vs bad, passed winning vs losing, then you develop a wider perspective. And sharing perspectives is sharing stories. So I guess this is more about game appreciation.