Photo by Alex Herzog

Found it. I have been looking for an Android app to edit photos. I recently got a Chromebook ($250) so the hunt became more real for me. There are many and I think I like Snapseed the best. But that’s not what I am talking about. Photopea is the one. It’s not even an app, it is WEB BASED. This means all you need is internet and a browser and you can do all the main things Adobe Photoshop can do.

And it is FREE.

I get a lot of questions about how to do stuff and am realizing there are a lot of barriers to entry into the game of publishing. I will start posting some of the tools we use or should be using. I like the Photopea because not a lot of apps have easy to use output controls. You need to output your photos at 300 dpi to have them print correctly.

This is a free Adobe Illustrator alternative. Starting to use this for making graphics.

And this is a free Adobe Indesign alternative. I haven’t laid out a full zine with this yet and it does actually cost money to do more than 3 pages.

I am really into the idea of web based software. Sure not as many features, but you have seen our layouts and really nothing but photos and photo credits so I don’t need a lot. I have a feeling that I can switch my entire workflow to Chromebook and cloud based computing. More on this as it happens.