Photo by Andrea Sonnenberg

I have lists of ideas for videos, podcasts, interviews, reviews, polls, etc etc. And of course everyone I know has even more ideas for Hamburger Eyes social media, contests, collabs, etc. all for the intention of getting more eyes onto the website. Attention that is.

Within that attention is embedded the dream of “more sales” and not hating on it, this is the arena we have willfully entered. But, as I have been many times before again and again, you get buried by this dream. You get overwhelmed by all this “content” that needs to be made.

Today I was thinking why haven’t I attacked anything on these lists yet. It’s because I just wanna look at cool photos and make some cool zines out of them. That’s it.

I think we forget to keep it simple. I realized that updating this blog is easy. I realized that making these zines is easy. Why make it hard? I guess what I am trying to say is that I have been spending a lot of energy brainstorming in the marketing department when really all the energy should go into creating in the production department.

I agree that we have to step out of our comfort zones to expand horizons, but I also agree that we have to build on our strengths.

The idea is to do more of what your good at. Lots more. So expect more bloggy updates and more zines. You already knew that.

(Just realizing we haven’t posted an “article” since April!)

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