Photo by Rick Lombardo

More photos from upcoming issue. We have just been informed that there is a paper shortage so our new issue has been delayed even further. Hopefully we can get it in sooner than later. We had planned for this one to come out before Turkey Day but looks like we will be lucky to get it before the New Year.

We will continue to offer the pre-order for a discount.


Photo by Christopher Radney

Photo by David Catalano

Photo by Ryan Florig

Photo by Reuben Radding

Photo by James Han

Photo by Shinji Shiozaki

2 responses to “Lightning”

  1. Tom S Avatar

    I delivered some 2’x4′ cartons of paper today to a local print shop which then had to be cut down to size for a project they were printing. Turns out they were out of paper due to the shortage and couldn’t get the size that was needed. I’m guessing there will be a run on toilet paper soon…lol.

  2. RZZ Avatar

    yep, crazy times we living in!