We got asked to be part of this year’s EXPOSURE PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL which takes place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. While bummed that we couldn’t go there because of contagious virus variants, we are still excited to be involved.

We sent around 200 photos which they installed at Contemporary Calgary. Photos by David Catalano, David Kaplan, Don Standing, Chris Leskovsek, Reuben Radding, David Uzzardi, David Root, Sal Hernandez, Tom Souzer, Andrea Lavezzaro, Troy Holden, Alex Herzog, Uri Korn, Mathieu Van Assche, Simon Vansteenwinckel, Oscar Mendoza, Ryan Florig, and Ray Potes.

Install photos by Louie Villanueva

Also, we are doing an online presentation as part of this photo fest. The first half will be me talking about not sure what yet, mostly showing a slide show of photos and layouts spanning the entire history of Hamburger Eyes. Then the second half will be Q+A. You are all invited! You have to register though. It’s this Sunday, Feb 13 2022. Noon PST. It’s free.


See you then??

2 responses to “EXPOSURE”

  1. Reuben Avatar

    I registered for this but they never sent me a link! I just tried again. Fingers crossed!

  2. Reuben Avatar

    Never mind, I got it now.