Photo by Ray Potes

I am throwing around the idea of making a “How to Make a Zine” book. It would have detailed instructions but it would also have some of these philosophies and random thoughts on photography and self publishing that I have written here on this blog. I started digging around and realized there’s not much to work with. So, I have to write more. So, I have to blog. And, you have to read it since you’re here anyways.

The first reason to make this book is obvs, people are asking me how to make a zine. There are 1 million ways to make one but this will be about the way(s) I like to do it. The second reason is less obvs, people know how to make a zine but they are stuck. All kinds of overthinking and procrastination. This is where we can re-visit some blog posts and/or write some new ones attempting to address the sticking points.

It can be impossible to un-stuck someone. I’m thinking I have some beans to share and they may be magical, but it’s up to you to grow the beanstalk, kill the giant, save the girl, and get the golden eggs.