During quarantine, a friend had been eye-balling a piece of property for a while and finally pulled the trigger. It is on a beautiful river and I went there as much as my stimulus would allow while the world was shut down. And I still go often.

I needed a waterproof camera for all the fishing kayaking canoeing swimming floating jumping bbqing and chilling we were doing. So I bought an Olympus TG-6. I like Olympus. This one is the latest in their line of “tough” series cameras. I got the red one. I now use it for everything and it is very close to being my most used camera since I got it.

Here is what is wrong with all digital point and shoot cameras ever made except for this one – they are very easy to break. All of them look and feel and are janky. Every single one. Also, they are slow. Very slow. From powering on to firing off a shot, you already missed all of the action. Like an hour ago.

Not this camera, it is fast. And sharp. And water proof and shock proof. It has flopped out of my pocket and onto the street multiple times and it is still going strong. This alone is my number one reason to recommend it.

Also, I like how there is zoom and the lens stays internal, there is no extending of the lens from the body. I like how there is a macro mode.

This camera will miss focus sometimes, but I’d rather have a soft photo than no photo. Most digital point and shoot cameras will prioritize focus over shooting, meaning they won’t fire until focus is locked. This only adds to the feeling of slowness.

Overall, it is just fun to use and I never worry about it. The only worry I have is that if I do break it or lose it, will I be able to get another one? There may be an upcoming shortage of them which will make them more expensive. Olympus has recently sold their entire camera division to another company. That company started a brand new camera company and it is called OM Digital Solutions. Kinda lame sounding and who knows if they will continue with this series of camera.

Yes, you might need larger sensor, you might need lots of things. For me and what I am doing (zines), this camera went from a nice piece to a crucial piece of the camera collection.

All photos here are shot jpg with the Olympus TG-6. They are then converted and seasoned to taste in Photoshop. With the smaller sensor, the image breaks up in some areas. It resembles grain to me and I think that adds to the vibes.

I also like the flash, great coverage and more than enough power.

Lastly, you’ll notice there is some “blooming” in the highlights of some of these photos. There’s a softness and a glowy-ness to the highlights.

This camera does not come with a lens cap, nor does it have one of those self closing ones. You can buy one separately among other accessories. (Another reason I like this thing, many cool accessories.) The lens is simply encased in hard plastic.

Over time this plastic has gotten scuffed up and the glossy finish is wearing off. It goes in my pockets or bag and rubs against things. I have since been keeping it in a pouch when in a bag or backpack.

At first I thought I would lose auto focus, I didn’t. What has happened is it has organically turned into a diffusion filter and is creating those effects in the highlights. I like it. Cinematographers pay lots of money for vintage lenses or fancy filters or post production for similar results.

I have no affliation with the company and am not getting any commission or compensation for my recommendation. I just like this camera a lot and if you are like me and like to have a camera on you at all times that is not your phone, this is a great one for that. It’s durable, snappy, and weird looking. It’s affordable, fun, and easy to use. 100 thumbs up, A++, 5 stars.

Photos by Ray Potes

8 responses to “OLYMPUS TG-6 REVIEW”

  1. RZZ Avatar

    Glad someone does, thank you!

  2. Calvin Burgstahler Avatar

    Any reason to get the tg-6 over the 5 or 4?

  3. RZZ Avatar

    For me, I always like the newest one. I have shiny object syndrome.

  4. Willie B Avatar
    Willie B

    I’ve never used a bad Olympus camera. Nice write-up and photos!

  5. RZZ Avatar

    Awesome, thank you!! Glad you like!

  6. Calvin Burgstahler Avatar

    I bought the tg-6 and you were right, Ray. This camera rules. To be fair, the image quality is comparable to a smartphone, but it has optical zoom (i know, the fancy phones do too), a flash that actually pops, normal (although tiny) camera economics, and it’s fucking durable. I was using a cannon g16 for years as a pocket camera and it is TRASHED. The tg-6 is the perfect replacement so far.

  7. RZZ Avatar

    Thank you man, glad you like! I love this thing for sure.