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I was thinking I should be posting on here more but then I was like why? Well, the easy answer is to share more info and current thoughts, feelings, and behaviors behind and in front of the scenes at Hamburger Eyes. For those that have the interest.

The tougher answer is the idea of being an ambassador of photography. This answer can be beaten into oblivion. One, who cares? Two, is anyone really checking this blog? Three, who are you to inspire or motivate or educate or encourage anything about photography? This 3rd one is the point.

If I believe that we are here to make the world a better place, then isn’t just seeding one positive thought into just one other person getting the job done regardless of my education, status, etc.? It is. If one person shoots a photo because of something I said or shot or designed as a zine, magazine, or book, then isn’t that what an ambassador does? It is. I am just thinking out loud.

I write this because we all have our doubts and concerns about ourselves. (Me, lately.) I have gotten got some great feedback from that video interview that has been recently posted. (That was filmed like 5 years ago, by the way.) I know people like Hamburger Eyes, but I didn’t fully understand that something that started as a casual zine amongst friends can have such long lasting effects.

I don’t say all this to talk about myself, I say this as a reminder to myself to pay better attention and even do more. Or, accept my role as an ambassador. Daily.

I also say this to show you, who might be in a slump or fog that just one photo, one idea, one thought, one word can help at least one other person not just in photo but in life. And thus, change the world.

Today, dear reader, you too are an ambassador. Congrats.

15 responses to “Ambassadoring”

  1. blayne Avatar

    People read these, Ray.

  2. b. getty Avatar

    this site is tucked neatly in my “photo” bookmarks folder, right near the top. i visit daily looking for the next post, or maybe every few days if i’m out of town, stressed w/ the 9-5, depressed, etc. i keep checking even during the dry spells because i can usually guess what type of photos i’ll see on the other bookmarked sites… but with HE, i’m always surprised.

    to me, the sickest thing about HE is that it has always seemed like the work of many hands — or the combined vision of many different sets of eyes — and you can feel that kinetic energy bristling off the pages. been that way since the beginning, i think, and that authenticity and collective force is hard to come by these days.

    titles are def weird and strange to accept. but if “ambassador” just means someone who loves a thing, devotes their time, energy, resources + brain-space to it, AND brings lots of different people together to celebrate it… then it seems like a fitting title to me.

    thanks for everything, ray!

  3. RZZ Avatar

    Thank u Blayne! And thank u B. Getty! I was seriously about to delete this post haha. So glad you guys are into it. We haven’t put out anything in a while so I assumed no one was visiting the site, u guys proved me wrong. But you also proved me right! That is that I should be posting regularly. And I will!

    And funny you brought up the word “title”, recently I stopped using “photographer” when someone asks. I say “publisher” but that doesn’t always feel 100 percent legit. “Blogger” randomly feels great to me (I haven’t used it yet) and I started thinking about what is a blogger other than an ambassador for their industry, hence this post and personal challenge. Like is it possible to write on the internet on a regular basis? I do like it better than IG for sure. So, let’s try it.

  4. Anthony Avatar

    Today was my first time crossing paths with your work. Thankful I did because it led me to this page. As a Chef I’ve find myself questioning some of the same things in relation to my industry. I appreciate you sharing your perspective.

  5. Peter Avatar

    Thank you for everything you do.

  6. RZZ Avatar

    Awesome, glad u like! Thanks Anthony.

  7. RZZ Avatar

    Thank u Peter

  8. Julie Semple Avatar
    Julie Semple

    I love this Ray Ray! You ARE an ambassador and have had such an amazing impact on so many people on a personal and professional level. You’re great at what you do, don’t doubt yourself, keep going and believe in yourself. You are so talented!

  9. RZZ Avatar

    Wow thank u Julie! Luv u.

  10. T. Souzer Avatar

    I try to stop into the site often! When I’m in a funk with photos or whatever I pick up either an issue of HE, a zine you put out, one of the hamburger eyes books, or just peruse the archives section (I also do all of this when I’m not in a funk). I get stoked when I see something new is up on the site whether it be photos or words. Thanks for all you do man!

  11. Tuna Avatar

    nice blog :)

  12. RZZ Avatar

    That’s nice to hear hear, Tom. I will keep it going! Thanks!

  13. RZZ Avatar

    Thanks, Tuna!

  14. Chris Leskovsek Avatar

    Your vision to edit the reality of ‘life’ is unique and what gives HE’s its superpower over everyone else Ray.

    I come to see photographs here weekly (since I cant do that on instagram).
    Thank you for keeping it alive (and real) Ray.

    I would happily have this website as an app on my phone and hope for it to never stop scrolling down.

    ps: perhaps bring some quick Q&A with some photographers every now and then?

  15. RZZ Avatar

    Wow thank you Chris! And thank you for being part of it! And yes def more photographer Q+A stuff coming up.

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