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Hiiiii. It’s been a while I know but guess what, hiatus over. New issue dropping later this week. Also the rumors are true, Hamburger Eyes is based in SF again. It is awesome to be back. We are settling in and ready to make hella zines and hella books.

The next issue will be larger in format, 8 inch x 10 inch. And tighter in execution, 64 pages. And it will lay flat, saddle stitch binding. I’ve been wanting for a while to go back to staples because I like when I can stare at spreads on my tables or desks for inspo and chilling, no handed.

Thanks for your patience. Oh, new website vibes now much friendlier for multiple types of devices. Technology is marvelous. Share this content.

4 responses to “HIII-ATUS”

  1. b. getty Avatar

    exciting news all around. site looking goooood!

  2. RZZ Avatar

    Thanks Brandon!!

  3. Nuno Avatar

    Glad to see this publication back in action!

  4. RZZ Avatar

    Thanks Nuno!

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