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I get a lot of unsolicited advice from peers, “You should do Tiktoks.” As mentioned in multiple previous posts, I get conflicted / all in a tizzy about social media. But the idea of connecting with like minded peeps appeals to me. In fact, it is the best thing about my job and the main reason Hamburger Eyes is still happening.

I think I will stick to what I know, blogging. Not sure why the blog format stays my vibe. When Zuck took over IG and sent that message about owning all the photos, I got all weird. Anyways, I’ll start writing a weekly update here on the blog. We’ll talk about what’s happening or what’s of current interest or whatever. This is just a heads up to check back weekly.

Right now we are getting ready for the New York Art Book Fair. I’m excited because I haven’t been out there since pre-pandemic.

If you are in NY, let’s hang out.

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  1. Blayne P Avatar
    Blayne P

    If you sit and think really hard about it, that’s the thing about social media – it’s all based on fears, like fear of missing out. It’s a business, the users attention is the product. At what cost?

    Blog because you own it. You always will. They hate that.

  2. RZZ Avatar

    Yup. You’re right. Thanks man!

  3. Tom Souzer Avatar

    Yes looking forward to the weekly’s . Def feel the burnout on social media. Tik tok sounds like too much work haha.

  4. Jim R Moore Avatar

    Great to meet you today at the fair. Hope we can do something in print soon. Keep up the great mag! FB kicked me off last. Now I have a few more hours of peace and quiet!

  5. Marc Roberts Avatar

    Bring back blogging and personal websites. Will be checking in weekly.

  6. RZZ Avatar

    Yup! Thanks!

  7. RZZ Avatar

    Good to meet you too!

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