Photo by Ray Potes

Weekly update here. Back from NYC. The book fair was a blast, cruising Manhattan and Brooklyn was a blast. Connecting with photographers was a blast. So much so that I think I should go back soon. Maybe even just put it in the schedule for twice a year, regardless if there’s a book fair or not. (People seem unclear if there will be a book fair next year, or that they may do it every other year rotating with the LA one, that is if there is still an LA one. There are rumors saying it’s done. No one seems to know anything. My personal opinion is maybe there are too many fairs too choose from now. And some are better than others for different things. And not just NYC, I’m talking world wide.)

There seems upon us another wave of photography, meaning there are lots of photographers out and about right now. It’s great. When these cycles happen, some older guys poo poo on it. Not me, it only makes us stronger. Sometimes in a iron sharpens iron type of way and sometimes in a safety in numbers type of way. Like your photography will go further faster now versus 5-10 years ago simply because there are more people to receive it.

Sure, your favorite cameras are reaching all time highs on Ebay. Your spots are blown out. It won’t last forever for most of them. (Not like you and me, the obsessed.) I’m saying it’s worth it to explore/participate/ride this wave while it’s here.

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