Photo by Ray Potes

Some notes about submissions. We are jammed up. We cannot put out zines and books fast enough to accommodate all the photographers we want to publish. We are working on that, this post is about ways we can speed it up.

If you didn’t know, Hamburger Eyes is a printed publication. We showcase black and white photography. We publish a zine that comes out at irregular intervals and occasionally we publish books, once in a while we will collaborate with another publisher to make a book.

Some of you are submitting to our Instagram page. Our Instagram page is all photos from current and past zines and books. The latest format for the zine is staple bind, 60 pages. Usually 6 photographers per issue and with each getting around 10 pages. Please have seen a physical copy of our zine before submitting. It is different.

We ask for links to websites and/or social media. Then, when and if the timing is right, we will contact the photographers we want for the next issue and send the proper specs with upload instructions.

This is a lot, I am overthinking it but also we are getting lots of questions about submissions. We do have a certain style of photos we gravitate to, but what we really want is to highlight your own personal visions and stories.

Here’s some past writings on photo stuff, mostly personal opinion and commentary, but also attempts to answer questions. I plan to write on here weekly and keep the discussion flowing.

If you have any questions or comments or concerns, feel free to email me – and I will try to answer it in blog form.

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  1. b. getty Avatar

    your openness and willingness to share about photography – process, philosophy, publishing, the inner workings of HE – is one of the many things that make this mag and site so good. keep going!

  2. RZZ Avatar

    Wow thanks for the nice words B. Getty!

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