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Good morning. I was thinking about posting on IG today. Again with this topic, I know I’m annoying. I was feeling like maybe I am not doing my job correctly if I am not hard posting everyday. What is this guilt?

Firstly, there is the idea of running a business. (Feels spammy.) Secondly, there’s the community aspect. (Feels contrived.) The guilt is that by not participating you might be letting down your community and/or letting down your future business potential.

Then I heard this quote this morning watching some NBA highlights, “Pressure is a privilege.”

I am realizing that not everyone gets to do photography, not everyone has hobbies, not everyone has obsessions. We (me and you) are lucky to do what we do. It is our duty to showcase appreciation.

We must enter the arena and impact the game.

Just not on IG. Jk. This is also a realization that there are different kinds of arenas, some more comfortable than others. We knew this. This is a friendly reminder to past and future selves.

2 responses to “Pressure”

  1. CB Avatar

    I like it when you do it here.

  2. RZZ Avatar

    Thank you Chris!!

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